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Culinary Herb Wood Storage Jars - Walnut/Cherry/Maple - Glass Lined - Air Tight - Made in USA - Engraved in High Detail Heirloom Quality

Solve your herb storage problem, improve your cooking experience and kitchen ambience with these beautiful hardwood storage jars! They're air tight and food safe. The perfect solution for getting organized in the kitchen.

Hand drawn engravings of your favorite herbs in their natural form are engraved in high detail in old-world style resurrected from the the recipe books of the great chefs of Europe.

This style jar is for those who prefer something a little different and even more unique than other models! The top is maple, but the body is made from alternating panels of dark walnut and lighter maple and cherry panels. It's cut in a traditional classic culinary octagon pattern and made in the same painstaking process of the finest cutting boards.

100% locally made in the USA in heirloom quality.

Choose from 4 or 6 oz. sizes. The sizes are for the standard 4 or 6 fluid oz. interior glass jars. The actual amount of herbs you can fit in each will vary of course, according to the cut or grind of the herb.

Choose from our list of the most popular culinary herbs.


Top 3.5" diameter
Bottom 3.25" diameter
Height 3.5"

This unique design makes the jars airtight by permanently affixing a glass jar and lid inside the wood. (Epoxy will visible behind the glass when jars are empty)

For ordering multiple quantities please contact us for a volume discount and combined shipping costs. Bon Appétit!

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